iWave 400i DC power source

Product code: FR4075241

Fronius iWave 400i DC, water-cooled/gas-cooled, 400 A, can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth, wireless LAN and NFC. Digitized TIG DC power source.


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    Fronius iWave 400i DC

    Top quality – with every weld seam and with every material:
    iWave offers you maximum
    control over your arc and significantly reduced ignition delays through targeted heat input and an improved ignition function.
    All operating elements of the iWave device series are also
    designed for maximum control. The result is intuitive handling that allows you to
    fully concentrate on your welding challenge. Do you have
    to master a wide variety of welding challenges? Then iWave
    Multiprocess PRO is the ideal choice: In addition to all conceivable TIG functions,
    you can also weld all MIG/MAG process variants.

    Maximum control over the
    weld pool With CycleTIG (software option) you can control the arc and thus also the
    heat input to the maximum extent. Thanks to the short welding times, you can keep
    the molten pool safely and easily under control – and can therefore effortlessly
    weld even the thinnest of materials.

    Graphical, dynamic menu navigation – in over 30 languages

    One device for all processes (iWave 300i – 500i)
    iWave and Multiprocess PRO – this is your new absolute freedom in welding.
    In addition to all TIG functions, you can
    weld all MIG/MAG process variants with just one device (option). Use the modular concept and
    expand your high-tech welding machine platform according to your needs
    with the Welding Packages Standard, Pulse, PMC, LSC or CMT.

    Ignition delay reduced by up to 71%
    Fast and above all reproducible ignitions. Regardless of the
    material composition and without any manual adjustment of the ignition parameters.
    This is what RPI auto offers – our intelligent ignition function.

    Contactless data transmission and authentication
    iWave supports
    the most important connection standards from WLAN to Bluetooth to NFC for optimal

    Tabel jätkub

    49.9 kg


    706 × 300 × 510 mm

    Welding power TIG

    400A / 40% ; 320A / 100%

    Grid voltage

    400 V

    Welding process


    Welding power MMA

    10 – 400 A


    2 a (pikendatav 3-le)


    Water cooling

    Fuse / circuit breaker

    35 A (aeglane)

    Keevitusvool min.


    Keevitusvool max.


    Võrgupinge tolerants

    +/- 15%


    50 Hz

    Avatud vooluahela pinge

    96 V

    Welding power MIG/MAG

    10- 400 A

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