PLANTEX 125X22 Z40

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    • Universal flap disc with outstanding grinding behavior on all materials thanks to 100% pure zirconia on 100% cotton fabric.

      Since Eisenblätter brought the first flap disc with pure zirconia fabric for high-speed angle grinders onto the market at the end of the 1970s, Eisenblätter has repeatedly influenced the development of the flap disc with innovative ideas, such as a natural fiber compound backing plates. Natural fiber compound is an ideal material for backing plates. With the development of this new production technology, PLANTEX® Cool Top® Universal became the first in the world Flap disc with a backing plate made from renewable hemp.


    • Maximum occupational safety.
    • Conservation of resources and environmental compatibility.
    • Reduces the environmental impact from production to disposal to a minimum.
    • Heat absorbing (hollow fiber insulation reduces the temperature when sanding).
    • Strongly insulating, dampening and noise reducing.
    • High strength with low weight.
    • High dimensional stability and yet elastic.
    • Resistant to most chemicals.
    • Balanced energy and CO2 balance.
      Elastic natural fiber high-tech compound carrier plate protects the environment and users (CO2-neutral), completely trimmable for complete use of the pane, noise and vibration dampening.
      Easy to dispose of.
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    125 × 125 mm

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